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Brief Introduction Chinese Journal of Pesticide Science

Chinese Journal of Pesticide Science is a bimonthly Journal sponsored by China Agricultural University. The first issue was printed in 1999. The editor-in-Chief  of  the sixth editorial board is Professor Zhiqiang Zhou.The aim of the Journal is to promote pesticide original innovation, green production, and rational application.

Chinese Journal of Pesticide Science is a peer-viewed journal, which publishes original research papers, research notes and reviews in Chinese or English. The journal covers a broad spectrum of topics, including (but not limited to) pesticide chemistry, pesticide chemical engineering, pesticide biochemistry, pesticide formulation and application technique, pesticide environmental behavior and pesticide toxicology. The Journal has been included in the category of chemical engineering and plant protection.

Chinese Journal of Pesticide Science has been indexed by several influential database and resources information services across the globe, such as <Chemical Abstract>, <Abstract Journal, VINITI> in Russia, <Zoological Record> <Cambridge Scientific Abstract, CSA, (Natural Science) > in England, and <JSTChina > etc.  The Journal also has been indexed by <Source Journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citation> (published by Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China) and <Chinese Science Citation Database, CSCD> (published by the Centre for Document and Information of Chinese Academy of Science). The Journal also has been selected by "A Guide to the Core Journals of China" (published by Peking University), and by <China Core Scientific Journals> (published by Research Center for China Science Evaluation, RCCSE , in Wuhan University).


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