Bistetrahydrofuran lignans isolated from Artemisia lavandulaefolia DC and their antifungal activities
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Key Words:Artemisia lavandulaefolia DC.  bistetrahydrofuran lignans  extraction and isolation  antifungal activity
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XIE Jingyu College of Plant Protection, Shenyang Agricultural University, Shenyang 110866, China  
ZHANG Guilong Agro-Environmental Protection Institute, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Tianjin 300191, China  
YU Zhiguo College of Plant Protection, Shenyang Agricultural University, Shenyang 110866, China 
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      In order to discover novel botanical fungicides, the chemical constituents of the aerial parts of Artemisia lavandulaefolia DC. were investigated. The aerial parts were extracted with methanol. By using liquid-liquid extraction, column chromatography, high performance preparative liquid chromatography and other techniques, 6 pure compounds were finally isolated from the ethyl acetate phase. The compounds were identified as bistetrahydrofuran lignans, including epiashchantin (1), ashantin (2), sesartemin (3), epimagnolin A (4), epiyangambin (5) and diayangambin (6), according to NMR and MS data. The mycelium growth rate method was used to determine the antifungal activities. The results showed that compound 1 and 3 significantly inhibited the growth of Alternaria solani with the EC50 value of 14.3 μg/mL and 11.0 μg/mL, respectively. Compound 3, 5 and 6 also showed inhibitory effect against the mycelia growth of Rhizoctonia solani with the EC50 value of 17.4, 42.6 and 54.3 μg/mL, respectively.
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